Ne'Qwa Art Glass Ornaments

Ne’Qwa Art In-Store Personalization and Demonstration Event 2016 - November 17, 2016 2:00 - 5:00 pm

MOSACK’S has been selected and approved to hold a 2016 Ne’Qwa Art In-Store Demonstration Event. We are delighted to take part in this year’s Event Tour and we know you, our customers, will enjoy this exciting opportunity to see how these unique Hand-Painted Glass Ornaments are created.

Ne’Qwa Art talented demonstration artist, Trieste Cordova, will sign and personalize all Ne’Qwa Art Ornaments sold before and during the day of our Event. You can take advantage of these weeks leading up to our 2016 Ne’Qwa Art In-Store Demonstration Event to purchase the exclusive Event Piece and other Ne’Qwa Art and Trieste will personalize them for you on November 17th. We have forms on hand for you to fill out with your desired personalization message, which will then be placed inside each beautiful ornament box. MOSACK’S will hold these in a secure area for Trieste to personalize for you! Some suggestions are listed below.

With every Ne’Qwa Art purchase, you can also enter for the chance to win one of four Ne’Qwa Art Hand-Painted Glass Ornaments: three Petite Ornaments and one “Grand Prize” Ornament!

Refreshments served

We look forward to providing you with this wonderful opportunity to meet Ne’Qwa Art artist Trieste, and see her personalize your ornaments!

Personalization suggestions:.......... Merry Christmas 2016.......... Our First Christmas 2016.......... Baby's First Christmas 2016.......... Wishing You Peace & Joy.......... Merry Christmas Mom & Dad.......... With Love from Tom, Nancy, Bryce and Olivia.......... Happy Anniversary, 1980-2016.......... Happy Birthday Grandma, Love, Suzie and Blake.......... To the Hamiltons , From the Taylors

Ne’Qwa Art Glass Ornaments, presented here by MOSACK’S to make available to you these beautiful mouth-blown glass ornaments meticulously reverse hand-painted from the inside. These ornaments come luxuriously packed in a hand-crafted, satin-lined, velour presentation case. In addition, ornaments come with a Certificate of Authenticity, art history booklet and gift card.

Through a small opening in each mouth-blown glass ornament, the artist uses delicate brush strokes to hand-paint on the inside of the mouth-blown glass. From outlining to shading to color application, all work is painstakingly done in freehand. This reverse-painting art form flourished during the 17th century however today there are only a few artist groups who possess the skill to create these exquisitely beautiful ornaments.

According to Ne’Qwa Art’s co-founder and head designer Jim Sexton, “Today there are only a few artist groups, living in remote villages throughout China, who possess the skill to create Ne’Qwa Art’s contemporary art objects. By bringing together the popular artwork of internationally known artists with the centuries-old skill of Chinese artisans, Ne’Qwa Art is committed to reviving this ancient art form.”

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Ne’Qwa Art™ Hand-Painted Ornament Baby's First Christmas 466-7151177
Ne’Qwa Art™ Hand-Painted Ornament Gifts Of Peace 466-7131114 Ne’Qwa Art™ Hand-Painted Ornament
"Guardian Angels" is a 5 1/2" mouth-blown glass Princess ornament reverse hand-painted from the inside from Ne’Qwa Art™ depicting an Angel keeping watch over a snow-covered home. © D. Morgan
"Holy Night" is a 5 1/2" mouth-blown glass Princess ornament reverse hand-painted from the inside from Ne’Qwa Art™ showing the Nativity Scene with Holy Family and Three Kings. © Stewart Sherwood RETIRED
"I Am With You" is a 3" mouth-blown glass Princess ornament reverse hand-painted from the inside from Ne’Qwa Art™ showing The Good Shepherd. © Susan Winget RETIRED
Ne’Qwa Art™ Hand-Painted Ornament Joyeux Noel 466-7151140
"Manger" is a 6 3/4" Princess mouth-blown glass ornament reverse hand-painted from the inside from Ne’Qwa Art™ depicting a detailed manger scene. © G. DeBrekht RETIRED
Ne’Qwa Art™ Hand-Painted Christmas Ornament My First Christmas 466-7141152

Many more designs are available in these exquisite mouth-blown glass ornaments. Contact MOSACK'S regarding any inquiries for other designs in the NeQwa Art line.



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