Immaculate Heart of Mary Joseph's Studio Heavenly Protectors Statue #61288

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Immaculate Heart of Mary #61288 is a 10 1/2” resin-stone mix figure from the Heavenly Protectors™ Collection by Joseph’s Studio from Roman Inc. Notice the base with a drawer which holds a prayer.


From The Joseph's Studio Heavenly Protectors™ Collection by Roman, Inc., this Immaculate Heart of Mary figurine #61288 is made from a resin-stone mix and measures 10 1/2” high and comes in a gift box. This Joseph's Studio Heavenly Protectors™ Immaculate Heart of Mary statue is masterfully painted in rich colors with detailed, expressive features.

The small drawer at the base of the Joseph's Studio Immaculate Heart of Mary figurine pulls out, revealing a rolled up scroll. Part of the verse on the scroll reads, “O’ Immaculate Heart of Mary, full of goodness, show your love towards us…”

The Joseph’s Studio line from Roman, Inc. focuses mainly on inspirational figures and garden statuary. The portrayal of Jesus, various Saints, garden cherubs and angels is unique in style and is highly respected and sought after by collectors and those in the religious industry.

Joseph's Studio Heavenly Protectors Collection Immaculate Heart of Mary #61288.

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