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Lutheran Books

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With sound historical scholarship and penetrating insight, Here I Stand by Roland H. Bainton examines Luther's widespread influence.
Fans of A Prairie Home Companion will enjoy Life Among the Lutherans by Garrison Keillor.
Luther' s Small Catechism is a catechism published by Concordia Publishing House.
The Lutheran Book of Prayer by Concordia Publishing House is expanded to include more content and address contemporary issues; this popular foundational product is refreshed for new readers and users. It includes prayers on a wide variety of subjects.
The Lutheran Handbook published by Augsburg Fortress is written in a witty, ironic style.
The Lutheran Handbook has engaged countless Christians in their everyday faith with a distinctive blend of seriousness and humor. Now the Lutheran Handbook for Pastors does the same thing for pastors!
Being a good Lutheran is twice as hard in today's world. That's why every good Lutheran needs the power of The Lutheran Handbook II published by Augsburg Fortress.
Lutheran Handbook on Marriage is a must for couples who are married or planning to be married.

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