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Precious Moments Baby category includes Precious Moments Collectible Bisque Figurines and Accessories that are wonderful gifts. See also Precious Moments Inspiration category for other Baby Sacramental gifts.

From first coos and first steps, babies give us so much to celebrate. One look at those softly dimpled cheeks and one can't help but grin from ear to ear. Baby - a new little bundle so small and sweet, what a reason for joyful celebration! A baby is not only a new being, but also a new beginning for the entire family.

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Precious Moments Birthday Train Clown Bless The Days of Our Youth, 5" 142019. This is a cute little clown figurine dressed in pastel colors of pink, blue, yellow is leading the birthday train
Precious Moments Growing in Grace Precious Baby Blonde 2.75 inch 133023. Precious Moments porcelain statue of a blonde baby girl dressed all in pink crawling, Precious Baby is printed on the side of the blanket 133023
Precious Moments Growing in Grace Precious Baby Brunette 2.75 inch 133040B. This porcelain statue is of a brunette baby girl dressed all in pink crawling on a pink blanket, Precious Baby is printed on the side of the blanket 2.75in 133023B
Precious Moments Birthday Train, May Your Birthday Be Warm, Newborn 2.75" 142020. This is a figurine of a little yellow engine with a tiny brown bear holding a blue blanket riding on the top
Precious Moments Birthday Train, Happy Birthday Little Lamb, Age 1, 3" 142021. This is little pink lamb figurine with a pink ribbon on it's head is standing on a yellow car
Precious Moments Growing in Grace Age 1 Blonde 3.25 inch 136190. Precious Moments porcelain statue is of a tiny blonde baby girl with a pink bow tucked into her cradle with a pink heart at the foot with the words, It's a girl 3.25" 136190
Precious Moments Baptized In His Name Photo Frame Boy Precious Moments white quilted like frame in porcelain, trimmed in blue with a baby boy in a basket in the corner 7.75" 143401
Precious Moments "Baptized In His Name" Rosary Box included rosary

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