Advent Season

The Advent Season is a time of preparation for Christmas, the Celebration of Christ, our Savior's Birth. The Advent Season begins the fourth Sunday prior to Christmas and ends on Christmas Eve.

Advent items to help with all your Advent devotions including Advent Wreaths & Advent Candles, Advent Books and Devotionals, Advent Calendars, and Advent Candle holders.

The four candles of the Advent Wreath symbolize each week of Advent. Three purple candles represent Christ's royalty and the one pink candle, which is lit the third week of Advent, reflect the joy of His birth.

First Week of Advent - Celebrate Grace: Think of Christ's birth, His coming to us, and ask God's direction to help us look at our lives to make them better in preparation of Jesus' birth.

Second Week of Advent - Celebrate Hope: Being so busy in our everyday lives, we forget to look beyond the next step. Many times we are reacting instead of acting. "Out hope is in the Lord Who made heaven and earth." Our confidence in Christ makes us willing to get out of the ruts and create a smooth path for our Savior.

Third Week of Advent - Celebrate Joy: Advent is almost over. With God's grace, we can see our efforts bearing fruit in the way we think and act. What a joy to shine Christ's light to others. God's guidance is a wonderful gift.

Fourth Week of Advent - Celebrate Faith: Our Advent journey is near the end. We will soon celebrate Christ's birth. With God's grace we will keep the wonder of His birth, the promise of salvation, and Christ foremost in our hearts and minds during this new Liturgical Year.


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