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MOSACK'S is an authorized dealer of well-known Slabbinck liturgical apparel including beautiful brocades and exquisite braids, trims and emblems, vestments, chasubles, stoles, albs, tapestries and linens.  We import all merchandise from the Slabbinck main production facility in Belgium.

Slabbinck has three major collections of fabric that they use to create their beautiful garments: 


SlabbinckHeritageThe Slabbinck Heritage Collection inspired by Hendrik Slabbinck is a brand new, yet timeless collection of vestments.  This collection is in honour of Hendrik, whose legacy is the preservation of quality and art. 




SlabbinckDesignerThe Slabbinck Designer Collection by Jeroen Kerre is a modern view of liturgical vestments and paraments.  The new designs in this Collection celebrate evolution of spirit and inspiration by four generations of Slabbinck heritage.





SlabbinckOriginalThe Slabbinck Original Collection is a basic collection designed by Dirk Slabbinck and Jeroen Kerre.  Together Dirk and Jeroen have exanded upon the basics and continue in the typically contemporary Slabbinck style. 








Slabbinck has provided liturgical craftsmanship to the church since 1903 when founder Hendrick Slabbinck set up shop in the attic of his parents' home.  After WWI, the company began selling merchandise in Germany, Austria, Italy, USA and Canada.  The third and fourth generations of the Slabbinck family are now in charge and still operate in Bruges, an artistic and cultural village in Belgium. 



If you do not find a particular item through our online store, please contact us and we will place a special order through Slabbinck and let you know when it arrives.




Through, you can order high quality Slabbinck merchandise in standard sizes through entirely custom made. Follow these charts and guidelines when placing your special order request then send us an email at with your product selection and measurements. We will then contact you for further order processing. Normal delivery time on standard sizes is 4-6 weeks, but please allow more time for special orders.

Alb, Sanctuary Alb, Liturgical Gown, Tunic

Standard size with adjusments:

Standard sizes are listed on each Slabbinck product page. You can adjust the back length (measuring A to B), the sleeve length (measuring S to G) and chest size (C). Please email us with your Slabbinck product and standard size selection and any adjustments.

Entirely custom-made

Please email us with your Slabbinck product selection and following measurements: A-B = length; C = male chest size or female bust size; W = waist; S-S = shoulder to shoulder, S-G = sleeve length, A-G = center back plus sleeve length. Please also provide neck size and shirt size.