Fontanini Nativities

 Celebrate Christmas year-round with Fontanini Nativities & Figurines from Tuscany.






MOSACK'S is one of the exclusive retailers in the Midwest authorized to sell the famous Fontanini Nativities collection, an important part of Christmas tradition for 110 years. 

These collectibles are created in a small village in Tuscany, Italy.  The creators have been working on these intricate figurines for more than four generations, with the help of family members and others who live in the village.  Today, Emanuele, Allesandro, Luca, Marco and Stefano Fontanini follow in the footsteps of their fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfather in detail and workmanship.









 MOSACK'S is blessed with a visit from one of the Fontanini cousins every four years.  Marco Fontanini (pictured on top left of color picture) has visited our store twice and introduced a new collectible exclusive to his visits and autographed collectibles from customers who came from all over Northeast Ohio.  Please join our mailing list and we will let you know when another Fontanini cousin schedules a special appearance to MOSACK'S. 

A tradition like no other

The process for making Fontanini collectibles is detailed and intricate, with very strict attention to detail.  Before any piece is introduced into the collection, a team of researchers ensures that the pieces are historically correct.

Each piece is crafted through a rigorous process:  a sculptor begins the initial piece and upon final approval, a smaller mold is made.  Once the mold has been produced, several people contribute to hand paint each individual piece. 








   Master Sculptor

   Elio Simonetti

 Handcrafting is still an important part of the manufacturing process as total automation would compromise the quality and accuracy of the product.  The figurines are made from polymer and resin, which is resistant to scratches and breakage.

 Because of the process of making the pieces and the high attention to detail, all Fontanini pieces are heirloom quality and considered to be one of the most respected sets made for the Christmas season.  The nativity sets are available in many sizes from very small to life size.

 MOSACK'S sells a variety of Fontanini figures for the Italian Nativity and Villiages.  The Holy Family has several product lines sold in 5, 7-1/2, 12, 18, 20, 27, 50 and 70-inch measurements.  MOSACK'S also sells an impressive line of Fontanini Stables, Inns and Buildings for a nativity village.  Stables and Buildings are available in 5 and 7-1/2-inch measurements.  Stables are also available in 12, 18, 20, 27 and 50-inch measurements.  The 2-1/2 inch figurines are in self-contained Nativity scenes and ornaments.

Our retail store in Mentor, OH, has a whole room dedicated year-round to the Fontanini collectibles.  Now you can shop online for a variety of Fontanini merchandise to complement your collection.  You will find Bethlehem Village scenes, Life of Christ series, musical figurines, crucifixes, Glitterdomes®, ornaments and gift ware.

 If you do not see a particular piece of Fontanini collectible, please contact us and we will special order that piece and let you know when it arrives, or ship it to you.


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