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Click this link to see our Church Goods category:    We stock assorted merchandise for clergy, educators and other religious professionals.


MOSACK'S has a long history of supporting the professional religious community--educators, administrators, clergy--with the latest in church goods and school supplies. Since 1947, the professional community has relied on MOSACK’S to supply an assortment of merchandise for a variety of denominations.

We are one of the largest retailers to offer not only Slabbinck, Beau Veste, Artistic, Regal Bronzeware, K Brand Church Products, Ecclesiastical Apparel, R.J.Toomey, Cathedral Candle and W Brand Church Furniture but a variety of other merchandise for every celebration and religious occasion. 

Some of our more popular categories include:

Altar Ware and Communion Ware

·          Altar Cloths

·          Disposable Communion Cups

·          Bread, Wafers  & Offering Plates

·          Communion Sets

·          Cruets & Accessories

·          Baptism Bowls

·          Chalices and Patens

·          Processional and Hanging Crosses

·          Standing Processional Crucifixes

·          Pastoral Crosiersalhaliciidf


Candles, Candlesticks and Candelabras

·          Complete line of Altar 51% Beeswax and Stearine Altar Candles

·          Votive Candles & Stands

·          Liquid Candles for Seasonal and Alter Use

·          Advent Candle Sets

·          Paschal and Easter Candles

·          Candle Lighters & Stands

·          Paschal & Processional Torches

·          Sanctuary Candles, Candelabras & Lamps

·          Devotional Candles & Accessories

·          Wedding, Baptismal and Confirmation Candles

·          Silver-Plate and Solid Brass Candlesticks

·          Candle Lighters

·          Incense, Incense Burners & Charcoal


Church Furnishings

·          Embroidered Alter Linens

·          Stations Of The Cross

·          Holy Water Fonts

·          Alter and Sanctuary Bells

·          Baptismal Fonts & Accessories

·          Ambries and Tabernacles

·          Altars & Communion Tables

·          Pulpits & Lecterns

·          Celebrant and Sanctuary Seating

·          Credence & Offertory Tables/Stands

·          Prie Dieu Kneelers

·          Pew Accessories

·          Confessional Screens & Sacristy Furniture

·          Hymn Boards

·          Seasonal and Sacramental Banners


Vestments & Clergy Wear

·          Albs & Clerical Shirts

·          Cassocks and Surplices

·          Choir Robes

·          Prelate Robes & Mitres

·          Alter Server Apparel

·          Chasubles & Overlay Stoles

·          Deacon Stoles & Dalmatics

-          Women's  Clergy Ware


MOSACK’S stocks a complete line of indoor and outdoor church statues, including those from the world-famous Fontanini Collection.  We also have complete editions of Liturgical books, hymnals, and teaching aids for PSR teachers and music ministry.


MOSACK'S accepts all major credit cards for speedy order processing. Your merchandise will be shipped within one business day of receiving your order, but faster delivery can be arranged by contacting customer service.


Tax exempt? For tax exemption, please fax us a copy of your Tax Exempt Status Information form to 440-974-4004. At time of checkout, create your User ID and Password to set up your account. Tax will be removed from your credit card on your first order. To insure your tax exemption on future orders, please log onto your account during checkout.  


If you have a special request, please call during normal business hours or send us your request online and we will respond within 24 hours. 













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