Founded in 1783 in Brugge, Belgium, Arte/Grossé brings over 200 years of tradition, experience and craftsmanship to their creations. Crafted of the finest materials, the "Arte Grossé" collection shows some beautiful examples of hand-embroidered and handwoven vestments. Arte/Grossé has created an unsurpassed reputation in the very finest of European liturgical traditions.

MOSACK’S Church Goods & Religious Gifts, with our personalized service, is proud to be a licensed and authorized dealer of Arte/Grossé merchandise, which includes albs, altar cloths, altar linens, vestments and tapestries as well as a full range of modern and traditional liturgical metalware of the finest quality such as chalices, patens, ciboriums, monstrances, candlesticks, sanctuary lamps and tabernacles from the Arte/Grossé art studios.

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Chasuble made of featherweight cool-wool fabric.
Chasuble is made of featherweight cool-wool Red fabric.
Chasuble is made of featherweight cool-wool White fabric.
Chasuble is made of featherweight cool-wool Green fabric.
Clergy Travel Bag includes 3 vestment hangers
This multi functional travel bag keeps clothing from wrinkling with pockets

With the leadership of the director Marc Schotte, Arte/Grossé’s professionally trained and certified craftspeople have been bringing their combination of old world traditions and modern technology to the shores of the "new world".

In 2005, Arte/Grossé acquired Renaissance Design, one of the leading North American liturgical design studios. The synergy of Marc Schotte and Peter Atkinson in North America have produced a unique fusion that blends the best of both worlds and MOSACK'S is pleased to represent them to you.

When you place your online order, please enter your church affiliation name, church address and Tax ID # in the Order/Comments section at Checkout. This information is necessary to omit international customs charges from your order when these beautiful Liturgical Church Goods products are imported from Arte/Grossé’s main production facility in Belgium. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Thank you for allowing MOSACK'S to serve you.

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