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In MOSACK'S Baptism Dresses, Outfits, Accessories category, we include Baptism Dresses (Christening Gowns), Baptism Outfits for Boys, Baby Bibs, Baby Bonnets, Onesie, Godfather Handkerchief, Godmother Hankie, Baptism Socks (Christening Socks), Baptism Shoes (Christening Shoes), Baptism Blanket (Christening Blanket)

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Boy's Christening hat with Bill 204-Boyhat This Boy's Christening hat is perfect for your child's special day!
Boy's Christening Socks And Shoes Set 204-7132 These Cross Sock and matching Christening Shoes are perfect for your little boy's baptism. Available in sizes Small and Large
Opaque Tights-310 for First Holy Communion and other special occasions
Satin Bolero-9306 Satin Bolero can be used with a First Communion dress and for other special occasions Free Shipping on $100. orders
Cotton Cross Dobby Bib 204-2402 is a great keepsake on their very special day!
Cross Baby Bib 204-2012 This Cross Baby Bib is perfect for their special day!
Cross Baby Bib with Lace Trim 204-2062 This Cross Baby Bib with Lace Trim is perfect for their special day!
Cross Cotton Onesie 204-1962 This Cross Onesie is 100% cotton with an embroidered Cross on the front.

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