Beau Veste Cassocks & Surplices

Beau Veste Cassocks and Surplices are Church Goods, Soft Goods products for clergy and altar use. Mosack's has available a side variety of styles for your cassock and/or surplice need.

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Beau Veste Priest and Adult Cassock in Black - 563B NEW 2018
Beau Veste Adult and Priest Cassock in Red - 564R Beau Veste Cassock 564R NEW 2018 Shown with #180X Surplice
Beau Veste Adult Reversible Scapular in Seven Colors
Beau Veste Adult Square Neck Surplice-180X FREE SHIPPING on $100. Orders
Beau Veste Surplice With 1 Inch Gold Embroidered Bands - 4341 FREE SHIPPING
Beau Veste Surplice With Cross Banding Available in Five (5) Colors - 376

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Page 1 of 1          1             Items 1-6 of 6

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