Candle Lighters, Snuffers & Stands

Many sizes and styles of Candle Lighters, Candle Snuffers & Candle Lighter Stands are available from MOSACK'S such as Telescoping Candle Lighters and Snuffers; Solid Brass Candle Lighters and Snuffers; Candle Lighters with Walnut Handle; Nickel Plated Candle Lighters and more. Please call MOSACK'S for all of your church goods needs. We are adding product to our online store weekly. We look forward to serving you.

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K231 Candle Lighter Snuffer Walnut Handle Solid Brass 24" - FREE SHIPPING
K232 Candle Lighter with Large 3-1/2" Snuffer Walnut Handle Solid Brass 36" - FREE SHIPPING
K225 Solid Brass Candle Lighter Snuffer 1" dia. Walnut Handle - Two Finishes: Solid Brass or Satin Nickel Plated - Three Sizes: 36" or 48" or 60" - FREE SHIPPING
$135.00 to $195.00
K227-2 Candle Lighter Stand Double Holder holds two Candle Lighters - Steel Base & Tube Satin Brasstone - FREE SHIPPING
K227-1 Candle Lighter Stand Single Holder holds one Candle Lighter - Steel Base & Tube Satin Brasstone - FREE SHIPPING
K148 Candle Lighter Walnut Handle Solid Brass 20" - FREE SHIPPING on $100. ORDERS
K Brand K47 is Gold Polish and Silver Polish K47
K Brand Polishing Cloths for Gold and Silver K46 Two per Bag

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FAX 440-974-4004


Page 1 of 2          1     2             Items 1-8 of 13

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