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Catechisms for Adults and Children are helpful to learn about Christ, the Trinity and His Church. Catechetic Books for Instruction for Inquirers; Instruction for Neophytes; Instruction for Catechists; Instruction for Catechumenates; Instruction for Sponsors; Instruction for RCIA.

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Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue, Semester Edition by Eric Sammons is a textbook that presents the teachings of the Catholic Faith on God’s desire to unite all humanity to himself and to each other through his Church.
Didache Series - Faith and Revelation Knowing God Through Sacred Scripture Parish Edition by Dr. Scott Hahn 445-45808 by Dr. Scott Hahn explores the relationship that exists between human reason and Divine Revelation.
Didaches Series Faith and Revelation: Knowing God Through Sacred Scripture, Semester Edition by Scott Hahn 445-9781936045013 explores the relationship and complementarity that exist between human reason and Divine Revelation.
Didache Series Introduction to Catholicism: A Complete Course, 2nd Edition by James Socias 445-9781936045617 is an introduction to Catholicism and contains the same Catholic teaching found in the popular original textbook, with expanded topics.
Didache Series Our Moral Life in Christ, 3rd Complete Course Edition by Peter V. Armenio 445- 9781890177294 presents the more complex theological concepts. Author: Peter V. Armenio Pages: 438 Binding: Hardcover Size: 8.5 x 11
Didache Series Our Moral Life In Christ Parish Edition by Rev. Peter V. Armenio 9781936045853
Didache Series Our Moral Life In Christ Semester Edition by Rev. Peter V. Armenio 9781890177690
Didache Series The Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church Semester Edition by Mike Aquilina 9781936045969

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"Our educational work should have a purpose to elicit a change in our students, to make them grow in wisdom, to help them undergo a transformation, to provide them with knowledge, with new feelings and, at the same time, achievable ideals. Many institutions promote the formation of wolves more than of brothers and sisters by educating their students to compete and succeed at the expense of others, with only a few weak ethical standards." -Pope Francis

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