Ambry & Chrismatory Sets/Anointing Oils/Lenten Items

Ambry Set (Ambries), Oil Sets, Chrismatory Set, Sacristy Oil Sets are Church Goods products of Chrismals or cruets in which the holy oils, chrism is kept. Also shown in MOSACK'S Amby & Chrismatory Sets/Lenten Items are Ablution Cups and Ash Holders, Brazier and Bishop Urn for Holy Oil.

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K Brand Ambry Stainless Steel Bronze Face K22
Ambry Set made of hand-cut imported crystal K969. Engraved on the Holy Oil Bottles are the acronyms Ol, OS, and SC. Ambry Set bottles are 12" high including stoppers and have a 3.75" diameter. These Holy Oil Bottles have a 32oz capacity. FREE SHIPPING
Ashes For Ash Wednesday
$4.25 to $13.75
B&H Anointing Oil Brass Holder And Oil Set-634337782225
B&H Anointing Oil Brass Holder-634337782201
B&H Anointing Oil Frankincense And Myrrh Half Ounce-634337781105
B&H Anointing Oil Hyssop Half Ounce-634337781143
B&H Anointing Oil Latter Rain Half Ounce-634337781167

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