Fontanini 7.5" Nativity Collection

7.5" Fontanini Nativity Figures include all figures related to the Nativity Scene: Fontanini Holy Family, Fontanini Angels, Fontanini Three Kings, and more Fontanini .

MOSACK'S has in stock and beautifully displayed in our Fontanini Room the complete line of Fontanini 7.5" Nativity and Village Scenes. See also our displays of 5" Fontanini , 3.5" Fontanini , 12" Fontanini , 18" Fontanini and more.

Display your Fontanini Heirloom Nativity in a special place to teach of Christ's Birth and His coming for our salvation!

We are very happy to share that MOSACK'S has been awarded an extremely limited Fontanini Personal Appearance. As a loyal Fontanini Dealer, we have been awarded a tour stop to take place on Friday, November 27, 2015. MR. EMANUELE FONTANINI will be our guest and we are looking forward to the opportunity to serve you while you meet Mr. Fontanini while he signs your Fontanini purchases.

You will have the opportunity to meet MR. EMANUELE FONTANINI at MOSACK'S on Black Friday and have Fontanini figures, purchased during the event, signed by Mr. Emanuele Fontanini, plus you can bring two figures from home to be signed. If you are purchasing the 18", 27", 50" or 70" Fontanini Nativity Collection, please pre-order, so it is in stock for you. While you are shopping at our fine store, we hope you will enjoy the refreshments served for you.

If you cannot attend our Fontanini Tour Stop Event, you can also pre-purchase figures, between now and November 27th, and we can hold them for signing by Emanuele Fontanini.

See The 2015 Fontanini Tour Figure Dominic on Donkey The Special Event Fontanini Ornament of the Holy Family and The 2015 Fontanini Limited Edition Figure of Nicodemus, the Soldier all available until December 31, 2015. These figures can be seen in our category NEW 2015 FONTANINI - ALL SIZES as well as their regular categories.

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Fontanini Heirloom Nativity 7.5" scale Carmi Vineyard Worker -52827, Fontanini Villager RETIRED Please contact us about current availability.
Fontanini Nativity 7.5" scale Sarah Girl with Goat -52798
Fontanini Baby Jesus #72813 Nativity Figure features a hand-painted 7 1/2" scale figurine of the Baby Jesus, gift-boxed.
Fontanini Nativity Gabriel Shepherd #72851 depicts Shepherd Gabriel in 7 1/2" scale rescuing a lamb after it became wedged between two rocks, gift-boxed.
Fontanini Nativity Gloria Angel #72817 is a Hand-painted 7 1/2" scale Figurine of the Gloria Angel, Gift Boxed.
Fontanini Holy Family Set #71811 features hand-painted 7 1/2" scale figurines of Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus, gift-boxed.
Fontanini Nativty Figure Joseph #72811 features a hand-painted 7 1/2" scale figurine of Joseph, gift-boxed.
Fontanini King Balthazar #72816 depicts King Balthazar in 7 1/2" scale with his gift of myrrh for Baby Jesus, gift-boxed.
Fontanini King Balthazar #56816 in 7 1/2" scale in riding on his camel; RETIRED
Fontanini King Gaspar #72815 depicts King Gaspar in 7 1/2" scale with his gift of frankincense for Baby Jesus, gift-boxed.
Fontanini King Melchior #72814 depicts King Melchior in 7 1/2" scale with his gift of gold for Baby Jesus, gift-boxed.
Fontanini Mary #72812 features a hand-painted 7 1/2" scale figurine of Mary, gift-boxed.
Fontanini Nativity Mary's Donkey Three Piece Set #52805 in 7 1/2" scale includes Donkey Figure with Blanket and Water Trough, gift-boxed.
Fontanini Nativity Seated Donkey #52833 features a hand-painted 7 1/2" scale figurine of the seated donkey, gift-boxed.
Fontanini Nativity Seated Ox #52834 features a hand-painted 7 1/2' scale figurine of the seated ox, gift-boxed.
Fontanini Nativity features a Hand-painted 7 1/2" scale Figurine Standing Angel #72819, Gift Boxed.

Mosack's has a wider variety in stock, ready for you! Inquire about our Fontanini Glitterdomes, Fontanini Ornaments, Fontanini Dry Domes, Fontanini Musicals, Fontanini Giftware, Fontanini Crucifixes and Fontanini Advent Calendars to count down the days till we celebrate Christ's birth!. While we keep adding more product to our ever-growing site, please contact us for availability of other Fontanini Nativity figures and stables and all Fontanini by Roman. We look forward to serving you!

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