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Find Books here to help you and your loved ones deal with death and illness and suffering.

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Chicken Soup for the Soul: Grieving and Recovery 108-9781935096627 will help readers during difficult times.
Companions in Hope: The Art of Christian Caring by Robert J. Wicks and Thomas E. Rodgerson enables everyday people to reach out, listen with intention, and offer hope.
Eschatology: Death and Eternal Life, Second Edition, is a book written by Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI). #9780813215167
Finding Your Way After Your Spouse Dies is a book about hope written by Marta Felber.
In Finding Your Way to Say Goodbye: Comfort for the Dying and Those Who Care for Them by Harold Ivan Smith the author shows that he has been holding the hands of the dying for years and that he knows how to help.
God Never Blinks by Regina Brett is already an internet phenomenon which contains wise and insightful lessons by this popular newspaper columnist and Pulitzer Prize finalist.
Writing from her own experience of loss, in Grieving The Child I Never Knew, Kathe Wunnenberg, the author offers 31 devotions that give both men and women permission to grieve the loss of their unborn or newly born children.
In Heaven We’ll Meet Again by Francois Rene’ Blot reflects that the saints say, in heaven we will love and know the love of countless souls we never met on earth, our Guardian Angel, and all the choirs of angels!

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Page 1 of 3          1     2     3             Items 1-8 of 24

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