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This St. Joseph Coloring Book About the Holy Spirit #698 has 32 pages to color. Each page features the Holy Spirit-978089942698-3 QUANTITY PRICING
Come Holy Spirit by Liturgy Training Publications says that the Holy Spirit pulses through us and all of creation, but often we forget to notice.
Confirmation is a book of instruction about the Sacrament of Confirmation for the entire family, 64 pages, hardcover.
Daily Meditations With The Holy Spirit by Rev Jude Winkler-198/19 QUANTITY PRICING
This 2-page laminated Bi-Fold Holy Card in gold stamped Italian art describes the Holy Spirit and has a Prayer To The Holy Spirit. QUANTITY PRICES
K Brand Holy Water Font in Stainless Steel with 4-1/2" dia. Bowl 14-K349-B FREE SHIPPING
New Outpourings of the Spirit is a book written by Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, and published by Ignatius Press. #9781586171810
Novena and Prayers to the Holy Spirit Prayer Book 12-2432-651 is 3.75" x 5-7/8" and 24 pages beautifully illustrated with Italian Fratelli-Bonella Artwork. QUANTITY PRICES

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