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Dr. Scott Hahn: Lecturer; Professor of Theology and Scripture; Founder and Director of the Institute of Applied Biblical Studies; President for the Missionaries of Faith Foundation; Husband of Kimberley Hahn; Father of six children

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Didaches Series Faith and Revelation: Knowing God Through Sacred Scripture, Semester Edition by Scott Hahn 445-9781936045013 explores the relationship and complementarity that exist between human reason and Divine Revelation.
The Church: Sacrament of Salvation, Parish Edition by Dr. Scott Hahn, presents how the Church, established by Jesus Christ and guided by the Holy Spirit, continues the salvific ministry of Christ in the world today.
Didache Series Understanding The Scriptures Semester Edition by Dr. Scott Hahn, Ph.D. 45129
Didache Series Understanding the Scriptures: Parish Edition by Scott Hahn is based on the best-selling Didache Series title Understanding the Scriptures, Complete Course Edition, by Dr. Scott Hahn.
Didache Series Understanding the Scriptures: A Complete Course on Bible Study by Dr. Scott Hahn presents a Catholic approach to Scripture, highlighting the theme of covenant. 9781936077478
A Father Who Keeps His Promises by Scott Hahn, 0892838299
Answering the New Atheism: Dismantling Dawkins' Case Against God by Scott Hahn and Benjamin Wiker is the essential book for dismantling Richard Dawkins' atheistic agenda.
Catholic Bible Dictionary from Scott Hahn includes more than 5,000 entries and references; 1,000 pages; hardcover.

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