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Remembering that faith in Christ is at the center of the Christmas Season, these uplifting Heartwood Creek Angels by Jim Shore add a unique brand of holiday warmth to festive decor.

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This Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Blessed are the Faithful 10” Angel 258-C4006931 is decorated with a beautiful landscape of a small European town with a church. The border of the angel’s outfit is a floral quilt pattern.
This Jim Shore Heartwood Creek 10.5" Watcher of Villages & Valleys Angel 258-1144080 is beautifully decorated with a Country village imprinted on the gown of the angel who is looking down upon it and smiling.
This Jim Shore Heartwood Creek 6" Angel with Basket of Roses 258-C105169 is delightfully decorated in a quilt like pattern with a rose theme. She has a crown of flowers and is holding a bouquet of roses in one hand and a basket of roses in the other.
This Jim Shore Heartwood Creek 7.5" Smell the Flowers Angel 258-4008943 is decorated in a cheerful quilt like pattern. The angel has a peaceful expression on her face as she holds a flower up to her face ready to smell the sweet fragrance.
Jim Shore Heartwood Creek “The Wind at My Back” #118735. This comes in a gift box.
This Jim Shore Heartwood Creek 12" Luke 22:42 Angel 258-4004746 is beautifully decorated. The center of the angel statue is the Agony in The Garden. The base of the angel has a floral pattern with the words Luke 22:42
This Jim Shore Heartwood Creek 12" Luke 24:5-6 Angel 258-4004748, is decorated is a beautiful spring like design with it floral and bright colored pattern. The angel seems to be smiling joyful and raising her hands at the joyful Resurrection.
Jim Shore Heartwood Creek April 6" Birthstone Angel 258-4012553
Jim Shore Heartwood Creek May 6" Birthstone Angel 258-4012554
Jim Shore Heartwood Creek November 6" Birthstone Angel 258-4012560

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