Heartwood Creek Christmas Figures

Remembering that faith in Christ is at the center of the Christmas Season, these uplifting Heartwood Creek Angels by Jim Shore add a unique brand of holiday warmth to festive decor.

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Decorated is a beautiful floral quilt like pattern, and the angel looks serene as she plays the drum
Decorated with a beautiful landscape of a small European town with a church. The border of the angel’s outfit is a floral quilt pattern.
Beautifully decorated with a Country village imprinted on the gown of the angel who is looking down upon it and smiling.
This Jim Shore Heartwood Creek 6.5" Grandfather Frost Santa has a lovely Russian design. He is wearing the Ushnkas hat and his outfit is decorated with an ornate pattern, which surrounds St. Basil's Cathedral in the center of the outfit.
Beautifully decorated with a floral pattern. The angel seems to be watching over the children who are pictured in the center of her outfit
Christmas Nativity Large Gift Bag GB-805L measures 12” X 15” X 5”and comes with tissue paper QUANTITY PRICING
Stand for Fontanini Lighted Bethlehem Star. The stand is 18.5" High. 20-56569
Jim Shore Heartwood Creek 5" Australia Santa 258-4041113 Hanging Ornament. This Jim Shore Australia Santa is full of color, with an Australian Outback themed outfit.
Jim Shore Heartwood Creek 5" Canada Santa Hanging Ornament 258-4022940. This Jim Shore Canadian Santa is 5 inches tall. He is holding a Canadian Goose. His outfit is decorated with red, white, grey and green triangles with a maple leaf rim.
Jim Shore Heartwood Creek 5" Dutch Santa Ornament 258-4034400. This Jim Shore Dutch Santa is 5 inches tall. He is wearing a Dutch hat, and his outfit is beautifully decorated with a watermill landscape and floral pattern.
Jim Shore Heartwood Creek 5" Germany Santa Ornament 258-S4022938. This Jim Shore German Santa has a lovely winter landscape on his outfit. He is holding a clock and a German beer stein. This Santa is wearing a Bavarian Alpine Hat.
Jim Shore Heartwood Creek 5" Greece Santa Ornament 258-4041112. This Jim Shore Greek Santa is decorated with beautiful scenery of a Greek Village. He is wearing a Peleus Greek style hat, with a wreath of Olive leaves.
4.75" Irish Santa ornament puffing on an emblematic pipe dressed in green ombre robes with Celtic knot trim and shamrock details and a pot of gold at his side.
Jim Shore Heartwood Creek 5" Mexico Santa Hanging Ornament 258-4027742. This Jim Shore Mexico Santa is a very festive and colorful.
Jim Shore Heartwood Creek 5" Poland Santa Ornament 258-4022945.This Jim Shore Polish Santa is beautifully decorated, with lovely artistic style of the Polish culture. This Santa is holding a star and has a Polish hat on with a feather.
Jim Shore Heartwood Creek 5" Scotland Santa Ornament 258-4022943. This Jim Shore Scottish Santa truly represents the Scotland culture with his kilt, bagpipes and Scottish hat.

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