Heartwood Creek Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Heartwood Creek Hanging Ornaments by Jim Shore category includes all Christmas hanging ornaments designed by Jim Shore in his Heartwood Creek line.

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Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Set of 3 - Shepherd and 2 Animals hanging ornaments #4008797. This comes in a gift box.
$30.99 $14.95
Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Snowman Glass Domed Hanging Ornament #4010364. Gift box.
Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Our 1st Christmas Together Hanging Ornament #4011066. Retired.
Jim Shore Heartwood Creek 5" Australia Santa 258-4041113 Hanging Ornament. This Jim Shore Australia Santa is full of color, with an Australian Outback themed outfit.
Jim Shore Heartwood Creek 5" Canada Santa Hanging Ornament 258-4022940. This Jim Shore Canadian Santa is 5 inches tall. He is holding a Canadian Goose. His outfit is decorated with red, white, grey and green triangles with a maple leaf rim.
Jim Shore Heartwood Creek 5" Dutch Santa Ornament 258-4034400. This Jim Shore Dutch Santa is 5 inches tall. He is wearing a Dutch hat, and his outfit is beautifully decorated with a watermill landscape and floral pattern.
Jim Shore Heartwood Creek 5" Germany Santa Ornament 258-S4022938. This Jim Shore German Santa has a lovely winter landscape on his outfit. He is holding a clock and a German beer stein. This Santa is wearing a Bavarian Alpine Hat.
Jim Shore Heartwood Creek 5" Greece Santa Ornament 258-4041112. This Jim Shore Greek Santa is decorated with beautiful scenery of a Greek Village. He is wearing a Peleus Greek style hat, with a wreath of Olive leaves.

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