Icons & Plaques

Icons are beautiful artwork in the Byzantine style of Iconography. Also see our beautiful religious plaques.

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Engravable desk plaque is a perfect backdrop for a motivational message, inspirational verse, or commendation.
Work accomplishments, academic achievements, and award ceremonies are cause for celebration
Joseph's Studio Renaissance Collection Innocence 8" H Plaque 20-69970 Mary Jesus and Lamb plaque 69970
Joseph's Studio Renaissance Collection Immaculate Heart of Mary Icon Framed Plaque 7.25" H 20-66779, Immaculate Heart of Mary picture
The Willow Tree Plaque Stand is small metal stand with a hooked back that supports any Willow Tree plaque
The Willow Tree® Plaque Comfort An Embrace of Comfort and Love is a carving of a sitting girl embracing her cat
The Willow Tree® Plaque Friendship Forever true, forever friends is a carving of two girls talking together with a friendship knot above them
The Willow Tree® Plaque Hug: "A boundless love" is a carving of a young boy hugging his dog
The Willow Tree® Plaque: True, "Truly a friend" is a carving of a sitting girl hugging her puppy
The Willow Tree® Plaque Quiet Strength, "Always there for me" is a carving of a young girl hugging her horse

Icons and Religious Plaques

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