Jewelry Box / Keepsake Box

Jewelry Boxes and Keepsake Boxes. You can use these wonderful boxes as Jewelry Boxes for Jewelry and Keys or you can use as Keepsake Boxes for Pictures, Tickets to Special Shows, Clippings, Notes and more.

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Together In Prayer For A Cure Bracelets in Silver
Armor of Faith Protection Necklace Silver dipped Chain and Medallion
Will You Be My Godmother Bracelet in Gold
Will You Be My Sponsor Bracelet in Silver
Willow Tree A tree, A prayer Memory Box 26635, "May you find strength, beauty and peace each day" has a carved angel on the lid 26635
This Willow Tree Embrace Memory Box 26621, "In Love's Embrace" has a carving of a young couple embracing 26621
This Willow Tree Friendship Keepsake Box 26602, "Forever true, forever friends" has a carving of two sitting girls facing each other 26602
This Willow Tree From the Heart Memory Box 26628, "Love, heartfelt and true" has a small carving of a girl holding a red heart 26628
Willow Tree Grandmother Keepsake Box Love that transcends the years 3" oval x 1.5"H 26625. This is an oval box with a lift off lid that has a carving of a grandmother holding up her grandchild 3" oval x 1.5"H 266625
This Willow Tree Love of Learning Memory Box 26633, "Open books, open minds" has a carving of a girl holding an open book 26628
This WillowTree Mother and Daughter Memory Box 26626, "Protect and Cherish" has a carving of a mother and daughter embracing 26626
This Willow Tree Quiet Strength Memory Box 26638, "Always there for me" has a girl embracing her brown pet horse" 26638
This Willow Tree True Keepsake Box 26603, "Truly a friend" has a carving on the lid of a sitting girl embracing her dog" 26603

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