K Brand Ewer & Basins, Lavabo Bowl Sets

K Brand Ewer & Basins used for washing ceremonies such as Baptismal Ceremonies and Washing of the Feet on Holy Thursday, and other Washing Ceremonies. K Brand Lavabo Set is the Pitcher and Lavabo Bowl used for the Ceremonial Washing of the Priest's Hands during Mass at the conclusion of the Offertory or Preparation of the Gifts. Lavabo is from the Latin: I will wash. The lavabo symbolizes the need for the priest to be purified before offering the sacred mysteries in persona Christi.

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K Brand 6.75 Inch Polished Pewter Ewer-K219-P FREE SHIPPING
K Brand 8 Inch diameter Polished Pewter Basin-K218-P FREE SHIPPING
K Brand 8" Diameter Gold Plated Pewter Basin-K218-G FREE SHIPPING
K Brand 8" High Gold Plated Pewter Ewer 22 oz. K217-G FREE SHIPPING
K Brand 8.5 Inch Bright Pewter Ewer - K76 Without Lid FREE SHIPPING
K Brand Flannel Bags For Sacred Vessels in 4 sizes K50 QUANTITY PRICING
$4.75 to $18.00
K Brand K47 is Gold Polish and Silver Polish K47
K Brand Polishing Cloths for Gold and Silver K46 Two per Bag

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