Kneeling Santa

Mosack's offers The Kneeling Santa by Roman, Inc. in figurines, ornaments, pins, verse cards and books.

Behold-a rainbow of light floods the church's stained glass windows, bathing the figure of Baby Jesus with light. A lone figure makes his way down the aisle toward the cradle. It is Santa Claus upholding his annual tradition of being the first to wish the Babe a Happy Birthday.

"Thank you for spreading the message of Christmas," God whispers gently to Santa before he reaches the altar. "You remind people across the globe to love each other and that is a priceless gift."

"Thank you for making me realize how blessed I am to make this pilgrimage each year," Santa said, taking the final steps to the creche. He removed his hat, fell to his knees and celebrated this sacred season.

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Joseph's Studio "Kneeling Santa" Figure #26781 in resin/stone mix warmly depicts Santa Claus with the Baby Jesus, 8 3/4" high FREE SHIPPING on $100. orders
Fontanini Kneeling Santa - 65015 4" High
The Roman, Inc. Glitterdomes Collection includes this Kneeling Santa with Wood-like base made from glass/resin.
This 13" high Kneeling Santa with Lamb Figure from Joseph's Studio #26780 can be used indoor or outdoor.
This Kneeling Santa Scene Ornament from Joseph's Studio comes with gold string for hanging; gift-boxed. #39546 That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow
This Kneeling Santa hardcover book titled "A Special Place for Santa" with vivid illustrations reconciles the role of Santa in relation to the birth of Jesus Christ
This Kneeling Santa is a 24” statue shown here in full color -SA2600C. Made of Durable Plastic Kneeling Santa Statue is designed for durability indoors and outdoors. Also available in White, Granite, Bronze, Patina and Wood Stain. FREE SHIPPING
$186.00 to $295.00
Kneeling Santa stores easily in green velveteen pouch with gold drawstring QUANTITY DISCOUNTS

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