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Clive Staples Lewis, known as Jack to his friends, was born in 1898. Lewis and his good friend, the author of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, J. R. R. Tolkien, were members of the Inklings which was a writers' club that met to discuss story ideas at a local pub. Lewis' interest in fairy tales, legends and myths along with his childhood thoughts led him to write The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. He wrote the next six books of Narnia to complete the Chronicles of Narnia. The last title in the Chronicles of Narnia, The Last Battle, won the Carnegie Medal, one of the highest awards of excellence in children's literature.

Many of the works of C. S. Lewis (apostle to skeptics) are Christian apologetics. Lewis had the rare ability to write the truths of the Christian faith in simple and effective ways. Often full of humor and at the same time insightful and engaging, C. S. Lewis' writings show real Christianity in brilliant contemporary prose.

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C.S. Lewis's honest reflection on the fundamental issues of life, death, and faith in the midst of loss
C.S. Lewis examines the meaning and purpose behind the Psalms with his critically acclaimed talent for writing and reflection
From Atheist to Apologist (1918 - 1945)
"If God is good and all-powerful, why does he allow his creatures to suffer pain?"
C. S. Lewis' Little Book of Wisdom: Meditations on Faith, Life, Love, and Literature - C.S. Lewis, Andrea Kirk Assaf & Kelly Anne Leahy - 9781571748454
The C.S. Lewis Signature Classics: An Anthology of 8 C. S. Lewis Titles - C.S. Lewis - 9780062572547
From all seven of C.S. Lewis's books
Get your daily dose of Narnia inspiration in this first of its kind collection
All seven books in The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis are now bound together in a hardcover volume which includes an essay by him explaining precisely how the magic of Narnia first came to life.
Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis is his term for the essential Christian message, the theological core on which diverse Christian traditions can stand together.
Perfect for the millions of kids and parents who already love the Narnia books and want to go deeper into that world
C.S. Lewis takes us on a profound journey through both heaven and hell in this engaging allegorical tale.
A humorous correspondence between the devil Screwtape and his apprentice Wormwood
An unprecedented selection of Lewis's writings, drawing from his most popular works, but also from his volumes of letters and his lesser-known essays and poems
In Walking Through the Wardrobe: A Devotional Quest Into the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by Sarah Arthur you just may discover there is another Kingdom.
The Chronicles of Narnia Box Set is a magnificent 7-volume boxed collection of C. S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia and will be a valuable addition to anyone's bookshelves.

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