Liturgical Books Calendars Dated 2023

Liturgical Books & Calendars Dated 2023 are here including:

  • At Home With The Word
  • Catholic Way Calendar
  • Childrens Daily Prayer
  • Daily Mass Record
  • Liturgical Desk Calendar Ecclesiastical Catholic Year 2023
  • Liturgical Desk Calendar Episcopal Edition 2023
  • Liturgical Desk Calendar Spanish Edition 2023
  • Living Liturgy
  • ORDO
  • Preaching books
  • St. Joseph Guides
  • More 2023 Calendars

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13-month tear-off planning calendar runs from the First Sunday of Advent until the last day of the calendar year
The perfect resource for those looking to enrich their family’s life of faith
A weekly resource that enables teachers and catechists to confidently lead children through the Liturgy of the Word.
A form of the Liturgy of the Hours, adapted for children as a daily service of communal prayer following the pattern of the Church’s Morning Prayer
The perfect resource for those looking to enrich their family’s life of faith
A calendar that includes the liturgical observance, the readings of the day, the proper liturgical colors, and more
Provides Gospel texts from the Sunday Lectionary and reflections that connect the message of Scripture with working with young people in order to help catechists to grow spiritually through their ministry
This trusted annual publication provides concise and helpful material to inspire and assist those who prepare the Mass for each day of the liturgical year
Sunday Prayer for Catechists invites catechists and teachers to develop a habit of personal prayer and reflection on the Word of God
A simple resource that anyone who follows, needs, or prays with the daily Mass readings can use every day from the First Sunday of Advent through the Saturday of the Last Week of Ordinary Time
The Living Word™ helps youth ministers, parish catechists, and high school religion teachers meet teens where they are and guide them to a deeper understanding of the Gospel’s role in their lives.
Liturgical Pocket Secretary 2023 is a handy, five-color durable pocket calendar for Roman Catholics that displays one month at a time. 3 3/4" x 6 1/2" Available in February 2022
Daily Mass Record 2023 includes more than 14 months, from the first Sunday of Advent 2022 through January of 2024, 9 1/2" x 13". QUANTITY DISCOUNTS
The 2023 Liturgical Desk Calendar Ecclesiastical Year has easy-to-read display of complete liturgical information and daily readings. 6 1/2"x 9 1/2" QUANTITY DISCOUNTS This edition available in February 2022
Spiral Bound Navy Cross Journal

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