Mother Angelica

Books by Mother Angelica, and books about Mother Angelica, the founder of the multi-million-dollar Eternal Word Television Network, EWTN, and “the most influential Catholic woman in America” according to TIME magazine. In 1981, the year after Ted Turner founded CNN, a simple nun, using merely her entrepreneurial instincts and two hundred dollars, launched what would become the world’s largest religious media empire in the garage of a Birmingham, Alabama monastery. Under Mother Angelica's guidance, the Eternal Word Television Network grew at a staggering pace, both in viewership and influence, to where it now reaches over a hundred million viewers in hundreds of countries around the globe.

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This is the extraordinary saga of a cloistered nun, Mother Angelica, who used her instincts and $200. to launch the worl'd first Catholic cable channel.
Mother Angelica's Private and Pithy Lessons From The Scriptures by Mother Angelica., 0385519869

Books by Mother Angelica, and books about Mother Angelica. Mosacks has over 15 million Catholic and Christian titles available - please contact us for any other title you are looking for.

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