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New American Standard Bible - NASB The New American Standard Bible, also known as the New American Standard Version, is an English translation of the Bible. The New Testament was first published in 1963. The complete Bible was published in 1971. Originally published: 1960 Version revision: 1995 OT published: 1971 Abbreviation: NASB or NAS (1995 update "NASU") NASB Version Information: While preserving the literal accuracy of the 1901 ASV, the NASB sought to render grammar and terminology in contemporary English. Special attention was given to the rendering of verb tenses to give the English reader a translation as close as possible to the sense of the original Greek and Hebrew texts. In 1995, the text of the NASB was updated for greater understanding and smoother reading. The New American Standard Bible Update - 1995 Easier to read: Passages with Old English "thee's" and "thou's" etc. were updated to modern English. Words and Phrases that could be misunderstood due to changes in their meaning during the past 20 years weren updated to current English. Verses with difficult word order or vocabulary were translated into smoother English. Sentences beginning with "And" have often been translated for better English, in recognition of differences in style between the ancient languages and modern English. The original Greek and Hebrew did not have punctuation as is found in English, and in many cases modern English punctuation serves as a substitute for "And" in the original. In some other cases, "and" is translated by a different word such as "then" or "but" as called for by the context, when the word in the original language allows such translation. NASB More accurate than ever: Recent research on the oldest and best Greek manuscripts of the New Testament were reviewed, and some passages were updated for even greater fidelity to the original manuscripts. Parallel passages were compared and reviewed. Verbs that have a wide range of meaning were translated in some passages to better account for their use in the context. And still the NASB: The NASB update is not a change-for-the-sake-of-change translation. The original NASB stands the test of time, and change was kept to a minimum in recognition of the standard that was set by the New American Standard Bible. The NASB update continues the NASB's tradition of literal translation of the original Greek and Hebrew without compromise. Changes in the text were kept within the strict parameters set forth by the Lockman Foundation's Fourfold Aim. The translators and consultants who have contributed to the NASB update are conservative Bible scholars who have doctorates in Biblical languages, theology, or other advanced degrees. They represent a variety of denominational backgrounds. Continuing a tradition: The NASB update carries on the NASB tradition of being a true Bible translation, revealing what the original manuscripts actually say--not merely what the translator believes they mean.

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The NASB Giant Print Reference Bible from Foundation Publications is a smooth reading literal English Bible translation, which provides increased clarity and readability for greater understanding while maintaining superior accuracy .

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