New Jerusalem Bible

The New Jerusalem Bible is translated directly from the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts, reflecting the research, study, and translation of the two decades after the initial publication of The Jerusalem Bible in 1966.

The New Jerusalem Bible, unlike many Bibles available today, gives the reader the complete text of the ancient Canon of the Scriptures, as it was fixed in the fourth century A.D. Moreover, all the texts, including the deuterocanonical books and passages (those passages not included in the Hebrew Bible but found in the Septuagint Bible of the Jewish Diaspora and canonized as Scripture by the Fathers of the Church), are presented in their original "Catholic" order - not relegated to an Apocryphal appendix.

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The New Jerusalem Bible, multi-colored cloth contains the complete text of the ancient Canon of the Scriptures. ISBN 9780385493208
The New Jerusalem Bible (NJB), blue cloth, edited by Henry Wansborough contains the complete text of the ancient canon of scripture with up-to-date & extensive introductions & notes.
The New Jerusalem Bible from Doubleday Books is an easy-to-read two column format, with a Theological Glossary containing two hundred key words and concepts. It features a black, bonded leather,cover that can be embossed by Mosack's.

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