2018 New Fontanini - All Sizes

*** 110th Anniversary ***

To celebrate the 110th Anniversary of Fontanini, many Fontanini figures are new and reintroduced...see the Nativity Set designed and painted in special colors specifically for the 110th Anniversary and SIGNED by Emanuele Fontanini; 110th Anniversary Glitterdome; 110th Anniversary Angel Treetoppers; Reintroduced are beautifully sculpted Fontanini cherubs in various sizes...Their classic Renaissance design was widely successful when first introduced both in the United States and Europe and we are delighted to be able to offer them to you again! 110th Anniversary Four Season Cherubs and Musical Cherubs in varied sizes from 2.25" to 8.75"

Special Pieces Featured this year: Beautiful Golden Edition Holy Family and Three Kings with Musical Stable; EVENT ORNAMENT: 2018 #57015 Stable Ornament - Arch with Bethlehem Star and Banner that can be personalized; Fontanini 2018 Limited Edition 5 Inch Villager Dahlia with Baskets of Food #57114; Elijah the Shepherd Herder and you can create a herding scene by putting Elijah together with the new Sheep Herd; Hugo Villager with Wheelbarrow of Food; Zimri Instrument Maker with Stringed Instuments; Zina the Basket Weaver's Wife; Carlo Villager with Ladder; Daphne the Jeweler; The striking new designed Standing Ox and Standing Donkey; Bedside Angel and more

OPEN HOUSE: Visit MOSACK'S on Saturday, November 10, 2018 for our annual Fontanini Open House. See the 52 new 2018 Fontanini Nativity Sets, Fontanini Stables, Fontanini Figurines, Fontanini Ornaments, Fontanini Glitterdomes, and other Fontanini Giftware. Enter to WIN a Fontanini Nativity Set! While you are shopping at our fine store, we hope you will enjoy the refreshments served for you.


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Fontanini 110 Anniversary Holy Family Glitterdome-59100 Tune: Silent Night
Fontanini 2018 Event Holy Family Ornament-57015
Fontanini 2018 Limited Edition Dahlia Villager with Baskets of Bread-57114
Fontanini 5 Inch 6-Piece Figure Nativity Set with Italian Stable-54425
Fontanini 5" 7-Piece Nativity Set with Resin Stable-54461 Savings of $16.50 on this Nativity Set + FREE SHIPPING
Fontanini 5" 9-Piece Figure Nativity Set with Italian Stable-54426 Savings of $14.00 on this Nativity Set + FREE SHIPPING
Fontanini 5" Carlo Villager With Ladder-59806
Fontanini 5" Daphne Jeweler-59804 Daphne coordinates with Jewelry Shop # 55596
Fontanini 5" Elijah Shepherd Herder-54097 Create a herding scene by putting Elijah with Sheep Herd 54098
Fontanini 5" Hugo Villager With Produce Cart-54089
Fontanini 5 Inch Basket Cart-55595 in 5" scale for Fontanini 5" Village Scenes
Fontanini 5" Farmhouse-55601 Coordinated with the Fontanini Farmers John and Hannah
Fontanini 5 Inch Scale Italian Stable-50425 for the Fontanini 5" Nativity Collection
Fontanini 5 Inch Scale Jewelry Shop-55596
Fontanini 5" Scale Music Instrument Shop-55599 is part of the Fontanini 5" Nativity Village Collection
Fontanini 5 Inch Scale Resin Stable-50461 for the 5" Fontanini Nativity Collection

Mosack's has a wider variety of Fontanini in stock, ready for you! Inquire about our Fontanini Glitterdomes, Fontanini Ornaments, Fontanini Dry Domes, Fontanini Musicals, Fontanini Giftware, Fontanini Advent Calendars, and Fontanini Crucifixes.

While we keep adding more product to our ever-growing site, please contact us for availability of other Fontanini Heirloom Nativity figures and Fontanini stables and all Fontanini by Roman. We look forward to serving you!

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