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Fontanini classic Renaissance design was widely successful when first introduced both in the United States and Europe and we are delighted to be able to offer them to you again! 110th Anniversary Four Season Cherubs and Musical Cherubs in varied sizes from 2.25" to 8.75"

Special Pieces Featured this year: Beautiful Golden Edition Holy Family and Three Kings with Musical Stable; Fontanini 2019 Tour Figure available at Mosack's can be signed by Emanuele: Eder the Sheep Shearer EVENT ORNAMENT: Fontanini 2019 Event Ornament 3.25 Inch Nativity Stable 20-57017 Fontanini 2019 Limited Edition 5 Inch Shepherdess Sofi 57115; New for 2019 in the 5" size: Divino the Wine Merchant 54113; Cassia the Spice Merchant 54112; Dominic, Boy with Donkey 59808; Enzo the Jeweler 54099; and reintroductions of Judah the Farmer and the figure with the three children Jethro, Tamar & Saul

New for 2019 in the 7-1/2" size is the Pig Family 52800

New for 2019 in the 12" are Beth, Sitting Girl 52927 and David, Kneeling Boy 52928 OPEN HOUSE: Visit MOSACK'S on Wednesday, December 4, 2019 for our annual Fontanini Open House. See the new 2019 Fontanini Nativity Sets, Fontanini Stables, Fontanini Figurines, Fontanini Ornaments, Fontanini Glitterdomes, and other Fontanini Giftware. Enter to WIN a Fontanini Nativity Set! While you are shopping at our fine store, we hope you will enjoy the refreshments served for you.


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Fontainin 12" Beth Sitting Girl 20-52927 features a hand-painted 12" scale figurine of Girl with Lamb
Fontainin 12" David Kneeling Boy 20-52928 features a hand-painted 12" scale figurine of Boy with Dog
Fontanini 5 Inch Spice Shop 55604 is a hand-painted resin piece gift-boxed for the 5" Nativities collection.
Fontanini 50 Inch Good Shepherd 20-52322 is part of the 50 " scale Fontanini Collection. FREE SHIPPING
Fontanini Fish Shop for 5" Scale #55603
Fontanini 7.5 Inch 3 Piece Nativity Set With Italian Stable-54869
Fontanini 7.5 Inch Italian Stable-50869
Fontanini Nativity 5" Lighted Bethlehem Inn 20-55610
Fontanini Villager 5 Inch Eder Sheep Shearer 2019 Tour Figure is a hand-painted 5" scale Fontanini Villager figurine gift-boxed with Fontanini story card.
Fontanini Entrance Gate for 5" Scale #55609
Fontanini 5 Inch Scale Resurrection Scene #50627 from the 5" Life of Christ Collection by Roman, Inc. measures 8" high. The scene includes the tomb and the removable stone. Figures are sold seperately. Gift Boxed.
Advent Calendar Fontanini 25 Pc Wood Stable 20-59020 Advent Calendar Wood/Paper Gift Box
Fontainin 5" Heirloom Nativity Cassia Spice Merchant 54112
Fontainin 5" Heirloom Nativity Dominic Boy With Donkey 20-59808
Fontanini 3.5 Inch Italian Stable -55086
Fontanini 3.5 Inch Shepherd Paul-55084

Mosack's has a wider variety of Fontanini in stock, ready for you! Inquire about our Fontanini Glitterdomes, Fontanini Ornaments, Fontanini Dry Domes, Fontanini Musicals, Fontanini Giftware, Fontanini Advent Calendars, and Fontanini Crucifixes.

While we keep adding more product to our ever-growing site, please contact us for availability of other Fontanini Heirloom Nativity figures and Fontanini stables and all Fontanini by Roman. We look forward to serving you!

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