New 2024 Fontanini All Sizes

New 2024 Fontanini and Reintroductions!

EVENT ORNAMENT: Fontanini 2024 Event Ornament Holy Family in lighted arched dome 20-57024

Fontanini 2024 Limited Edition in 5" scale Abram, Resting Shepherd 20-57120; Also New for 2024 in the 5" size: Fontanini 5" Heirloom Nativity 2 figure set of Cai & Ella, Children Playing is new for 2024 20-54129; Fontanini 5" Heirloom Nativity Savio, Boy Shepherd is new for 2024 20-54127; Fontanini 5" Heirloom Nativity Villager Zeke, Boy with Pig is new for 2024 20-54128

Fontanini 5" Heirloom Nativity Ari, Young Shepherd is a 2024 reintroduction from the 2020 Limited Edition figure with new color palette, he was in green colors. Fontanini 5” Isaak, Baker Child is a reintroduction of the Isaak, Baker's Child figure offered as long ago as 1998, now with a new color palette.

In the 7-1/2" size, make sure to see the new resin Bethlehem Inn. Also, see the new 12" Fontanini Josiah, Bagpiper, sitting on rocks with his instrument. And, for the collectors of the 3.5" Fontanini see the newer Stable 20-55109


Mosack's has on display a variety of Fontanini products, including multiple sizes of nativity sets, open stock figures, buildings, accessories and giftware items such as glitter domes, Christmas ornaments, angels and more.

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Originally introduced in 1998, Isaak is back with a new color palette!
A beautiful resin and glass Fontanini Event Ornament made only for the 2024 year.
This new 2024 Limited Edition Fontanini Abram figurine is available for a limited time only!
A 2024 Fontanini figurine of Josiah, Bagpiper, sitting on rocks with his instrument
Add to your Fontanini collection with this two-piece set of Cai & Ella, Children Playing.... new in 2024
Introducing Fontanini Savio, a new shepherd boy in 2024!
There is no better figurine to add to your Fontanini 5" scale collection than Zeke, the boy with the pig!
A 17" lighted Bethlehem Inn to add to your 7.5" Fontanini Collection!
Reintroducing Ari, young shepherd holding a lamb, with a new color palette!

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