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Precious Moments Friendship Bisque Porcelain Figurines Friendship Gifts

Friendship is a treasure. Show your BFF and your newest friend that you treasure them with friendship gifts from Precious Moments. Say thank you for all the precious moments you’ve shared, remind them of a happy memory or send them a Precious Moments cheerful figurine as a pick-me-up to show how much you care.

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Precious Moments "May Our Friendship Be 4EVER" 4" high #152014. Precious Moments sitting blonde girl holding up her tablet with BFF 4-EVER written Precious Moments 152014
PM That's What Friends Are For 5.25"h 134016. Precious Moments figurine of a girl dressed in blue with yellow sunglasses on her head and her friend in red with sunglasses also, 5.25"h 134016
Precious Moments Friendship Figurine "You're A Gem" 5.25"h 123022. This porcelain figurine of a brown haired girl dressed in pastel shirt and jeans is holding a very large diamond gem stone, 5.25"h 123022
Precious Moments Friendship Figurine "You're Beary Special" 4.25"h 144006. Precious Moments Friendship porcelain figurine is of a girl sitting on a log holding her teddy bear with pale green accents, 144006
Precious Moments Angels From Above Watch Over Those We Love-161061
Precious Moments Closed Eyes Angel in Blue Dress-163506 Resin Precious Moments Figurine
This Precious Moments Cross Candle Holder is made of white washed wooden base and a glass candleholder 4" h 173429
This Precious Moments Decorative Serving Tray is made of white washed wood and metal handles 3.25" h x 18" L x 12" h 173436
This Precious Moments flameless Red Pillar Candle 4"h 171425 is an elegant red flameless candle adds a soft glow to home or office holiday décor with ease. You can move these candles while they glow to choose just the right spot for display 4"h 171425
Precious Moments Footprints In The Sand Musical Girl-103112
Precious Moments Friends In Any Weather 5.25"h 144013. Precious Moments little girl lying in a chair reading, an umbrella is on the back and her puppies surround her, 5.25"h 144013
Precious Moments Good Friends Are Angels On Earth-161063
Precious Moments Good Things Come To Those Who Wait 4"h 154053. Precious Moments colorful figurine of a sportsman laying in a raft with his fishing pole in the water, his fishing hat covered in lures and a fish waiting to be caught 154053
Precious Moments Have Your Cake And Eat It Too-152000
Precious Moments Heart Of Gold 4.75"h 143030. Precious Moments figurine of a nurse or medical professional with her stethoscope around her neck and a patient chart in her hands, 4.75"h 143030
Precious Moments I Am Thankful For You Angel-162404

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