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Precious Moments Friendship Bisque Porcelain Figurines Friendship Gifts

Friendship is a treasure. Show your BFF and your newest friend that you treasure them with friendship gifts from Precious Moments. Say thank you for all the precious moments you’ve shared, remind them of a happy memory or send them a Precious Moments cheerful figurine as a pick-me-up to show how much you care.

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Precious Moments "May Our Friendship Be 4EVER" 4" high #152014. Precious Moments sitting blonde girl holding up her tablet with BFF 4-EVER written Precious Moments 152014
PM That's What Friends Are For 5.25"h 134016. Precious Moments figurine of a girl dressed in blue with yellow sunglasses on her head and her friend in red with sunglasses also, 5.25"h 134016
Precious Moments Friendship Figurine "You're A Gem" 5.25"h 123022. This porcelain figurine of a brown haired girl dressed in pastel shirt and jeans is holding a very large diamond gem stone, 5.25"h 123022
Precious Moments Friendship Figurine "You're Beary Special" 4.25"h 144006. Precious Moments Friendship porcelain figurine is of a girl sitting on a log holding her teddy bear with pale green accents, 144006
Precious Moments Angels From Above Watch Over Those We Love-161061
Precious Moments Closed Eyes Angel in Blue Dress-163506 Resin Precious Moments Figurine
This Precious Moments Cross Candle Holder is made of white washed wooden base and a glass candleholder 4" h 173429
This Precious Moments Decorative Serving Tray is made of white washed wood and metal handles 3.25" h x 18" L x 12" h 173436
Precious Moments Footprints In The Sand Musical Girl-103112
Precious Moments Good Friends Are Angels On Earth-161063
Precious Moments Good Things Come To Those Who Wait 4"h 154053. Precious Moments colorful figurine of a sportsman laying in a raft with his fishing pole in the water, his fishing hat covered in lures and a fish waiting to be caught 154053
Precious Moments Have Your Cake And Eat It Too-152000
Precious Moments Heart Of Gold 4.75"h 143030. Precious Moments figurine of a nurse or medical professional with her stethoscope around her neck and a patient chart in her hands, 4.75"h 143030
Precious Moments I Am Thankful For You Angel-162404
This Precious Moments I Give Thanks Every Day For You 8.5"h 179014 is a large porcelain figurine of a darling pilgrim couple in typical dress sitting on a large orange pumpkin carved with Happy Thanksgiving 8.5"h 179014
Precious Moments I Love Cats 5.5"h 154046. Precious Moments porcelain figurine of a girl holding a large heart inscribed with "I Love Cats" and also holding her little kitty, 5.5"h 154046

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