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"The promotion of the practice of stewardship is important for the mission of the Church and for the spiritual well-being of each individual Christian. Everyone benefits from the sacrificial gift one makes of his time, talent and treasure" -His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI

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A Child of God: Stories of Jesus and Stewardship Activities for Children by Michael J. Caduto bridges faith in the wisdom of Jesus Christ with a deep caring for the natural world and all our brothers and sisters.
A Way of Life by Joseph M. Champlin contains four faith-sharing sessions designed to help participants understand this approach and apply it personally.
Best Practices in Parish Stewardship by Charles E. Zech is based on a survey of stewardship in parishes across the country. This is the most comprehensive analysis of both financial and non-financial stewardship.
Called to Be a Catechist by Cullen W. Schippe is a just-revised little book that supports the solid and continuing formation of catechists.
Forming Generous Hearts by Leisa Anslinger and Vikki Shepp is an excellent resource for all pastors, parish teams, Stewardship teams, and parish ministers.
Foundations in Faith: Purification & Enlightenment Resource Book - Years A,B,C by RCL Benziger is an invaluable guide with reproducible pages that invites the entire parish to pray, fast, and give alms. FREE SHIPPING on $100.00 orders
Growing an Engaged Church by Albert L. Winseman asks the question what would a church look like if members of its congregation were 13 times more likely to have invited someone to participate in the church in the past month?
Living Your Strengths by Albert L. Winseman shows readers how to use their innate gifts to enrich their faith communities, how to identify and affirm their talents, and how to use them for growth and service.
Making Stewardship a Way of Life: A Complete Guide for Catholic Parishes by Andrew Kemberling and Mila Glodava is the ultimate parish stewardship guide!
Passing the Plate by Christian Smith and Michael O. Emerson shows that few American Christians donate generously to religious and charitable causes, a parsimony that seriously undermines the work of churches and ministries.
Sixty-Second Stewardship Sermons by Charles Cloughen, Jr. assists pastoral ministers in developing a theology of stewardship in the parish community.
Stewardship and Teenagers by USCCB is a Stewardship and Teenagers brochure designed to assist teenagers and help them learn how to identify the gifts God has given them in love.
Stewardship: A Parish Handbook by C. Justin Clements is aimed primarily at Catholic parishes that are poised to begin a stewardship conversion process or are attempting to embrace a stewardship way of life.
Through Teaching Kids to Care for God’s creation by Mary Elizabeth Clark, SSJ, the author responds to Pope Francis’ call by offering thirty lessons that will engage children, catechists, and families in the good work of keeping our planet livable.
In The Fear of Beggars: Stewardship and Poverty in Christian Ethics by Kelly S. Johnson the author asks why do Christian ethics so rarely tackle the real-life question of whether to give to beggars?
The question posed in What Do I Own and What Owns Me? by Daniel Conway is key to understanding and practicing stewardship as a way of life.

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