Willow Tree® Christmas

Willow Tree® Christmas includes the Nativity and all corresponding figures and stable, Willow Tree Ornaments, Christmas Willow Tree Angels, Willow Tree Nativity Banner and more. Willow Tree is a registered trademark of Susan Lordi. Willow Tree sculptures are by Susan Lordi and from DEMDACO. Willow Tree Christmas is offered here from MOSACK'S, an independent authorized reseller of Willow Tree products.

Artist Susan Lordi's Willow Tree figures from DEMDACO are sculpted and carved by hand, then cast in resin. Susan Lordi hand carves each original piece, capturing natural expression and emotion in each gesture. Each Willow Tree piece is cast from artist Susan Lordi's original carving and then painted by hand.

A gift of Willow Tree communicates beyond words to those you love..

Susan has carved three distinct nativity collections of different size and scale. Explore them all to find one that fits your home... and your holiday tradition: The Nativity....The Holy Family....The Christmas Story. We look forward to serving you in your collecting of these Willow Tree Nativities.

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Willow Tree Angels A Tree A Prayer, May you find strength, beauty and peace each day #26170. This is a Willow Tree Angel with wire wings in a white gown sculpted with a tree on the front and her hands folded in prayer 5.5"H, 26170
Willow Tree Angels Angel of Light, Shining a light of happiness #26198. This is a Willow Tree Angel with wire wings, holding a metal star, 5"H, 26198
Willow Tree Angels Bright Star, Reflecting a light from within 5.5" H 26150. This is a Willow Tree Angel with wire wings, holding a sparkling blue wire star 5.5"H, 26150
Willow Tree Angels Dance of Life, Dancing…Twirling! Magical miracle of life #26462. Willow Tree Angel in a white gown sculpted with pomegranates and birds, vines and berries mounted on a tall stand 15.5"H #26462 FREE SHIPPING on $100. Orders
Willow Tree Angels Song of Joy, Singing..Soaring! All in universal harmony #26463. Dancing Willow Tree Angel in a white gown sculpted with the sun moon and stars, mounted on a tall wooden stand, 18"H #26463 FREE SHIPPING on $100. Orders
This Willow Tree Song of Joy Musical 27244, "Singing…soaring!" has a dancing angel with tapistry carvings on her white gown 27244 Tune: Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite: March
This Willow Tree, Christmas Topper Song of Joy is beautiful angel dressed in a white gown with gold brocade 27600
This Willow Tree, Christmas Tree Topper Starlight is a large figurine of a angel holding a large gold filegree circle 27277
Willow Tree Coordinating Shelves Set of 2 #26230 - 5.5"w x 3.5" d. These shelves are blue/ grey in color, they can stand alone or hang on a wall. There are two in a set, 26230
Willow Tree Figurine, Peace on Earth, An embrace of Peace 8.5 " H 26104. A tall Willow Tree Figurine of a blond woman holding a small white lamb lovingly in her arms 26104 FREE SHIPPING on $100. Orders
The Willow Tree® Nativity Metal Star Backdrop #26007 13.5" high and is a beautiful enhancement to the Nativity scene. Willow Tree® Nativity Metal Star Backdrop #26007 FREE SHIPPING on $100. Orders
The Willow Tree® Nativity Tree Silhouette 27271 is a green metal silhouette of a tree for decorative purposes 27271
TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK. Willow Tree Angel Stand 26107 - Willow Tree Pedestal, 6"H, 26107. Willow Tree pedestal on which a statue can sit or stand for display 26107. Angel Stand for the Nativity. OUT OF STOCK. Call to check availability
The Willow Tree® Plaque Holy Family A Child is Born 26508 is a carving of the Holy Family 26508
The Willow Tree® Shelter for Holy Family 27161 is a 9.5" brown metal backdrop for the Nativity Scene 27161
The Willow Tree® Sheltering Animals for Holy Family 27160 are figurines of a Donkey, a Goat, and 2 Sheep 27160

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Willow Tree is a registered trademark of Susan Lordi. Willow Tree® products in the United States are distributed exclusively by DEMDACO. Other than in its capacity as an independent authorized reseller, neither Elizabeth or Joseph Vento nor this website is affiliated with, endorsed by or sponsored by Susan Lordi or DEMDACO.

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