Children's Daily Prayer 2020-2021

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Children's Daily Prayer 2020-2021 is Daily and Weekly Prayer appropriate for Liturgical Seasons and Needs of Children; 368 pages. QUANTITY DISCOUNT


Children's Daily Prayer from Liturgy Training Publications is the perfect resource for catechists and Catholic school teachers looking for an easy and meaningful order of prayer to use with students.

Children’s Daily Prayer gives teachers and catechists two options for prayer:

  • Weekly prayer written specifically about the Gospel Reading from the Sunday Mass
  • Daily Prayer for each day of the school week based on a selected Lectionary Reading appropriate to the liturgical season and the needs of children

In addition to choosing the prayer you will use, teachers now have the option of using a long or short form of the psalms. The standard format of prayer services combined with flexible components make this the perfect resource for both teachers who have daily classes and teachers who only have classes once a week.

Children's Daily Prayer provides an order of prayer for each day of the school year, as well as Sundays. It is newly written annually to reflect the Lectionary's scriptural cycles and the memorials, feasts, and solemnities of each liturgical year. Designed to be led by students, these short liturgies of the word incorporate the gestures and patterns of Catholic worship, gradually forming students in the traditional rhythms of our prayer.

Additional resources include prayer services for special observances, Home Prayer pages with simple rituals for family life, and helpful introductions with background on the liturgical seasons, advice on preparing a classroom environment conducive for prayer, guidance for coaching children as prayer leaders and readers, and music suggestions. This resource is a must for every classroom and religious education program, and also helpful for home schooling families.

Children's Daily Prayer 2020-2021