Daily Mass Record 2025

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DMRB2025 Available by November 2023


The Daily Mass Record 2025 from Franklin X. McCormick, The Calendar people, includes more than 14 months, one week at a time, from the first Sunday of Advent 2024 through January of the following year 2026, with one 9 1/2" x 13" page per month for 2025 at the end of the book.

When opened to the week you are working on, you will see the date on the left page and on the right page. Each week has the following columns on the left page: TIME; INTENTION; REQUESTED BY; STIPEND; CELEBRANT; Checkmark. The right page has generous additional space for appointments or notes.

The Daily Mass Record 2025 contains full liturgical information for each day, plus generous space to write appointments or notes: pages for parish statistics and specified / unspecified Masses. This convenient, spiral-bound book opens flat on the desk.

The Daily Mass Record 2025 from Franklin X. McCormick.