ArtisanWax Advent Candles, 51% Beeswax, 4" x 20" PE, Cathedral

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Long burning ArtisanWax 4" x 20", 51% Beeswax, Church Advent Candle Set is made especially for church advent wreaths; 4 per boxed set FREE SHIPPING


ArtisanWax™ - the personal handwork of devout artisans... This stunning execution of Advent candles will add a distinctive touch to this season of preparation and anticipation. Natural Beeswax candles that visibly burn down - accentuating the passing of time … ArtisanWax, exclusively by Cathedral Candle Company

ArtisanWax™ long burning 4” x 20” Pillar Advent Candle Set from Cathedral Candle is made especially for church Advent wreaths. These Advent candles are made from 51% beeswax and feature plain ends. There are 4 candles in each ArtisanWax Advent Candle Set.  Please choose the color Advent Candle Set you want in the options:

  • 3 Purple/1Pink ArtisanWax Advent Candle Set
  • 4 Purple ArtisanWax Advent Candle Set
  • 3 Sarum Blue/1Pink ArtisanWax Advent Candles
  • 4 Sarum Blue ArtisanWax Advent Candle Set


Cathedral Candles are preferred for their beauty and long, clean-burning performance. IMPORTANT: Candle followers will improve the satisfactory and economical performance of the Church Candles - available through MOSACK'S.


As softly glowing symbols of fervent worship throughout the Christian world, Cathedral Candles are recognized for purest ingredients and finest craftsmanship. Quality and design is in strict accordance with the Canons of the Church.

ArtisanWax Advent Candles 51% beeswax 4” x 20” PE from Cathedral Candle.


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