Candlelight Master Service Set for 250, Cathedral

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Candlelight Service Set contains one Celebrant's candle, six usher candles and 250 congregation candles plus Bobeches.


Candlelight Service Set from Cathedral Candle features this master set for congregations of 250. This master set includes one 16” long Celebrant’s candle, six 8 ¼” long usher’s candles and 250 votive congregation candles 5 ¼” long (Votive 24's). Each set also contains a complete supply of Bobeches for each candle size.

For larger congregations with more participants at your Candlelight Service, add extra Congregational Candles: 30924901 = 100 extra votive 24's and bobeches.

The candlelight service is a time of turning our hearts toward God to celebrate the gift God gave us in the birth of God’s son Jesus—our joy and promise.

Cathedral Candles are preferred for their beauty and long, clean-burning performance. IMPORTANT: Candle followers should be used for the satisfactory and economical performance of the Church Candles.

As softly glowing symbols of fervent worship throughout the Christian world, Cathedral Candles are recognized for purest ingredients and finest craftsmanship. Quality and design is in strict accordance with the Canons of the Church.

Candlelight Service Set for 250 from Cathedral Candle 81205001