Gold Tone Advent Wreath Set with 3 Purple/1 Pink Candles 82752001

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Gold Tone 10 " Advent Wreath Set comes with 3 Purple and 1 Pink tapered candles, 7/8" x 12". QUANTITY PRICES

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This Gold Tone Advent Wreath Set from Cathedral Candle comes with 10” metal diameter ring with four, 7/8” x 12” tapered candles--3 purple and 1 pink.

The Advent Wreath has had a significant resurgence in recent years. Because of the growing commercialization of the Christmas season, many families have found that the Advent Wreath has deepened their appreciation of the true meaning of this Holy Season.  The individuals can light the candle or candles and read from scripture and use Advent Prayer booklets to prepare for the coming of the Christ Child.

The three purple candles represent penance and longing; one is lit during the first week, two are  lit during the second week.  One of the candles is pink colored to symbolize joy; it is lit during the third week along with the two purple candles in glad anticipation of the birth of Jesus.  Starting with the Fourth Sunday of Advent all four candles are lit.   Evergreens, a symbol of eternal life and purple ribbons symbolic of penance are often added in preparation of the Lord’s coming.

Many churches purchase these at a quantity discount to make available to their parishioners who receive them as a result of a $20.00 or more donation.  Some churches use the extra monies collected toward their Christmas Decorating Fund or toward Christmas Gifts to families in need at their Mission Church or in their community.

This Home Advent Wreath is also available with the following candles, besides the Purple and Pink as described above.  The same pricing applies.  Please contact us or mention in the comments section if you want one any of the following colors instead:

  • Advent Wreath with 3 Blue, 1 Rose Candles  82752901
  • Advent Wreath with 4 Purple Candles  82752401
  • Advent Wreath with 4 Blue Candles  82752201
  • Advent Wreath with 4 White Candles  82752801

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