Investiture Christ Candle 3" x 12" Cathedral Candle

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The Investiture Christ Candle - The Coronation of Christ - is 3" x 12" by Cathedral Candle with spike hole end


This long-burning 3” x 12” Cross of Investiture Christ Candle from Cathedral Candle is also called Investiture - Coronation of Christ - Christ Candle.

The Christ Candle, a symbol that Christ is present whenever two or more people are gathered, is traditionally burned during Advent and Christmas Season as well as church functions such as prayer meetings, council meetings, scripture study sessions, home Bible studies etc.

Cathedral Candles are preferred for their beauty and long, clean-burning performance.

As softly glowing symbols of fervent worship throughout the Christian world, Cathedral Candles are recognized for purest ingredients and finest craftsmanship. Quality and design is in strict accordance with the Canons of the Church.

The Cross of St. Francis Christ Candle, 3” x 14” from Cathedral Candle.

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