8 HD 8-HOUR DEFENSE Hand Sanitizer KG-2-8HR

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Kills virus on contact for 8 Hours - Long Term Antimicrobial Protection

8 HD 8 Hour Defense Hand Sanitizer KG-2-8HR is FDA, CDC, EPA approved!
Microsure™ Hand Sanitizer kills COVID-19, SARS, and flu virus!  Your hands are protected for 8 hours!
You can wash your hands as many times during that 8 hours and your hands will still be protected!

You can use other hand sanitizer on your hands during that 8 hours and your hands will still be protected!
99.99% Effective Against Most Common Germs
•Silica dioxide crystalline layer forms a covalent bond adherence to any surface, and 99.9% effective
•Silica remains suspended creating spikes on the Microsure™ surface that are 4-6 nanoparticles 
•Most microbial matter (Such as Coronavirus) are 90-100 nanoparticles
•This allows Microsure™ to penetrate microbials and kill them on contact with a “Mechanical Kill”
•This makes Microsure™ unique, as it lasts longer than other protectants with NO harmful chemicals
Sanitizes hands to help reduce bacteria that potentially cause diseases.
Long Term Antimicrobial Protection 2 oz. Spray Bottle
Non Toxic and Green
Gentle Formula
Alcohol Free
Guards Against Infection
Extended Protection
Soothing Foam Formula