And You Will Find Rest: What God Does in Prayer

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And You Will Find Rest: What God Does in Prayer - Fr. Wayne Sattler - 2005235

The Dark Night, by St. John of the Cross, and The Interior Castle, by St. Teresa of Avila, are the guides Father Wayne Sattler uses to explore the path of prayer leading to contemplation. On his own path, which eventually led to discerning a call to live as a diocesan hermit, Father Sattler began to more deeply appreciate the sound guidance of these two saints for understanding ‘what God does in prayer.’ For six years, he lived in a one-room cabin on an abandoned farmstead in rural North Dakota. Here, the material on this book was undertaken. Delving deeply into the works of these 16th century Carmelites, Father Sattler leads the reader through the intricate pathways leading to contemplative prayer, which he writes, “marks that point in prayer when what is being experienced is no longer merely the activity of man, but the pure activity of God.” Father Sattler has given numerous retreats and classes on contemplative prayer, and has often been requested to write a book that shares these insights with a wider audience. After returning to active diocesan priesthood in 2013, Father Sattler has pursued the completion of this work, which he hopes will offer clarity to this often-misunderstood subject. Father Sattler today serves as pastor of Saint Anne Catholic Church in Bismarck, North Dakota.