The New Jerusalem Bible, Hardcover, Doubleday Books, 9780385493208

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The New Jerusalem Bible, multi-colored cloth contains the complete text of the ancient Canon of the Scriptures. ISBN 9780385493208

Featuring a completely redesigned interior, set in two-columns for easy reading, the Standard Edition of The New Jerusalem Bible with multi-colored cloth cover is a favorite for its critically praised translation and wonderfully concise format and is a must-have for home, church and school.

Published by Doubleday Books, The New Jerusalem Bible is a reliable modern version of the Bible, backed by the imprimatur of the Roman Catholic Church. The Standard Edition is 1,424 pages and is available in a portable 5 ½ x 8 ¼ hardcover size.

Open the pages of The New Jerusalem Bible and be assured of spiritual enrichment, biblical understanding and the discovery of the mystery of faith. ISBN 9780385493208