New American Bible Prove It The Catholic Teen Bible, 9781592761951

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Prove It: The Catholic Teen Bible -NABRE (New American Bible Revised) gives young adults the answers to their burning questions about how God and Catholicism fits into their life. ISBN 9781592761951


Sometime the answers aren’t enough. Sometimes you want to know why they’re the answers. The Prove It: Catholic Teen Bible -NABRE (New American Bible Revised) answers the questions you’ve been asking your parents, teachers, friends…even yourself. Questions like, “What’s life all about and where do God family, friends and all the rest fit in?” or “How do I know God even exists and what do life and death of Jesus have to do with me right here and now?”

“Prove it!" That's exactly what this book does as it takes a frank and honest look at God, Jesus, Church, prayer ...and that young person asking those questions. Intermixed within the complete readings of the Old and New Testaments are five sections explaining a young adult’s relationship with God, Jesus, the Church, Prayer and Yourself.

This 1,400 page paperback version of Prove It: The Catholic Teen Bible -NABRE (New American Bible Revised) also includes The Map, which explains basic Catholic prayers and practices, how the traditions began and why they are still revered today by millions of Catholics worldwide. ISBN 9781592761951