Oxford The Catholic Comparative New Testament, Hardcover, 9780195282983

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The Catholic Comparative New Testament contains eight complete translations of the New Testament. ISBN 9780195282983


The Catholic Comparative New Testament from Oxford University Press contains eight complete Catholic New Testaments that show the full range of expression for this central text of study, worship, prayer, and contemplation. A wide spectrum of people—including new and experienced Bible readers, homilists, and teachers—will gain from having this resource on their bookshelves.

  • New readers of the Bible will find answers to their search for an entry point to the confusing choices of Bible translations available today
  • People familiar with any of these versions will gain further insights by comparing translations new to them with those they have already studied
  • Teachers will help their students discover new texts to provoke their interest
  • Homilists will find new renderings of familiar texts that deliver fresh insights to listeners as the Word of God is broken open in worship
  • Lay persons with a hunger to read the Scriptures will find how the thoughts and stories of the New Testament writers come alive in the different versions, leading to the deeper meaning and clearer understanding

1,762 pages in hardcover. ISBN 9780195282983

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