Beau Veste Jerusalem Cross Chasuble-854


Beau Veste Jerusalem Cross Chasuble in Liturgical Colors embroidered design on front only Free Shipping - 854 3-1/2" Roll Collar Available Choose from Liturgical Colors

Beau Veste Jerusalem Cross Chasuble-854. Beau Veste Chasuble with Jerusalem Cross* Swiss Schiffli embroidered design outlined in gold- #854.

Self-lined stole is included with each Chasuble.

* Jerusalem Cross symbolism:  The Jerusalem Cross is also known as the Five-Fold Cross and the Crusader's Cross is made of four Tau Crosses which are in the four corners of the larger Cross.  It was originally known as the Five-Fold Cross representing the Five Wounds of Christ's crucifixion.  
The first ruler of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem had the Jerusalem Cross as the coat of arms.  This cross was later used by the Crusaders.  The Five-Fold Cross is said to be symbolic of France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy and Spain.  Also, the four small Tau crosses symbolize the four corners of the earth - as we are instructed to carry the good news to the four corners of the earth as the early missionaries carried the gospel from Jerusalem which is represented by the large cross.

Beautiful Lightweight Jerusalem Cross Chasuble in Ample cut measures 60" Wide x 52" Long

Chasuble is made of easy care no iron Textured Fortrel - Polyester-Linen Weave.

Choose Color:  Each Vestment is available in all Liturgical Colors: Pure White, Off White, Red, Purple, Kelly Green, Hunter Green, Blue, Rose Pink.

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Chasuble is available with a 3-1/2" rolled collar for an additional $32.00 charge. Please specify rolled color when ordering. 
Plain Chalice Veil #47:  $22.00
Chalice Veil with Cross #47X:  $38.00
Burse Plain #48:  $61.00
Burse with Embroidered Cross #48X:  $61.00
Please specify when ordering, in Comments area, and the extra charge will be added after you place your order.

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Beau Veste Jerusalem Cross Chasuble-854