Beau Veste Lamb of God Chasuble design on front & back-859A


Beau Veste Lamb Of God & Chalice design Chasuble in all Liturgical Colors with design on front & back Free Shipping - 859A 3-1/2" Roll Collar Available

Beau Veste Lamb Of God and Chalice design Chasuble with design on front and back -859A
Beau Veste Chasuble with multi-colored Lamb of God Swiss Schiffli embroidered design on front of chasuble and back - #859A

Self-lined stole is included with each Chasuble.

Beautiful Lightweight Chasuble in Ample cut measures 60" Wide x 52" Long

Chasuble is made of easy care no iron Textured Fortrel - Polyester-Linen Weave.

Choose Color:  Each Vestment is available in all Liturgical Colors: Pure White, Off White, Red, Purple, Kelly Green, Hunter Green, Blue, Rose Pink.

​The following prices are subject to change, please contact Mosack's to confirm pricing.
Chasuble is available with a 3-1/2" rolled collar for an additional $32.00 charge. Please specify rolled color when ordering. 
Plain Chalice Veil #47:  $22.00
Chalice Veil with Cross #47X:  $38.00
Burse Plain #48:  $61.00
Burse with Embroidered Cross #48X:  $61.00

Lamb of God symbol:

From the Hebrew sacrificial system, Christian application is made of the lamb as the symbol of Jesus Christ who was sacrificed for our sins.  John the Baptist said, "Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world" Jn 1:29.  Likewise, similar references to the Lamb of God are made in the Book of Revelation and in hymns and prayers in the church.
Here the symbol of the lamb carries a pennant with a red cross - a resurrection banner on a staff.  This lamb is depicted as lying down, referencing the suffering and burden-bearing Christ, on whom God laid "the iniquity of us all" Isa. 53:6.

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Beau Veste Lamb Of God Chasuble-859A