Beau Veste PAX Chasuble design on front & back -868A


Beau Veste PAX, Cross & Branch Chasuble design on front & back Free Shipping 868A 3-1/2" Roll Collar Available Choose from Liturgical Colors

Beau Veste PAX, Cross and Branch Chasuble with design on front and back -868A 

Beau Veste Chasuble with Cross, red PAX (Peace), and green Branch in Swiss Schiffli embroidered design - #868A.

Self-lined stole is included with each Chasuble.

Beautiful Lightweight Chasuble in Ample cut measures 60" Wide x 52" Long

Chasuble is made of easy care no iron Textured Fortrel - Polyester-Linen Weave

​PAX is Latin for Peace

Choose Color:  Each Vestment is available in all Liturgical Colors: Pure White, Off White, Red, Purple, Kelly Green, Hunter Green, Blue, Rose Pink.

​The following prices are subject to change, please contact Mosack's to confirm pricing.
Chasuble is available with a 3-1/2" rolled collar for an additional $32.00 charge. Please specify rolled color when ordering. 
Plain Chalice Veil #47:  $22.00
Chalice Veil with Cross #47X:  $38.00
Burse Plain #48:  $61.00
Burse with Embroidered Cross #48X:  $61.00
Please specify when ordering, in Comments area, and the extra charge will be added after you place your order.

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Beau Veste PAX, Cross and Branch Chasuble - 868A PAX - Peace